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  • Resetting vCenter Administrator Password on vCenter 6.X Appliance

    Sometimes you just can’t catch a break, for example after returning from a vacation and not remembering your password for the built-in Administrator account in the vsphere.local domain for vCenter. Changing it can be a bit round-about at times, so… Read More ›

  • Setting Up a Virtual NTP Server on Debian

    Virtualizing NTP servers has been quite a hot topic for some time, but regardless of what some people say, you can actually virtualize NTP servers, as long as you know what you’re doing. If you examine some public NTP servers… Read More ›

  • Configuring Debian to Patch Itself

    After a couple of years in the IT infrastructure world, you’ll be faced with the greatest task of all, updating servers every month or so. This has always been the most brain dead task imaginable, but now with virtualization, we… Read More ›

  • Updating VMware vRealize Operations Manager Appliance

      Updating appliance VMs can be a bit of daunting process since they are all usually different. vROPS (VMware vRealize Operations) is no different in that regard, but it’s a quite straightforward operation when you get understand the process.

  • How to Crimp N-type Connectors to RG58 cable

  • How to Crimp SMA Connectors to RG58 Cable

  • How to Measure RF Cables for Continuity and Shorts

  • The World’s Longest Console Cable – Smartflex Router Series

    As everybody knows, console cables and their corresponding interfaces are a scourge on a network administrators existence. They are always too short, COM-ports get renumbered, Baud-rates are unknown, etc. By their very nature, you also have to be physically present… Read More ›

  • Time Servers – GPS Antenna Placement

      If you haven’t noticed already, I have something of a thing for everything time synchronization related. “Proper”, exact time is something that I find important, it’s probably OCD related. As a part of my day job, I manage a… Read More ›

  • How to Stack HPE/Aruba 2920 Switches – HP Networking Series Part 4

    The 2920 series switches from HPE/Aruba has a special feature that no other switches in the old ProCurve/E-Series line-up has; dedicated stacking interfaces. On other HPE switches, stacking merely facilitates “simplified” management, by allowing you to manage any switch in the… Read More ›