Vespa Parts Index

When you’re working on your vintage Vespa, it’s good sometimes to know the exact dimensions of bearings, seals and o-rings if you need to source one locally. Below is an index of all the parts I’ve identified so far, along with the OEM part number if available.

Vespa P125X – VNX1T

Part NamePiaggio Part #DimensionsPieces Needed
Rear Hub Oil Seal130536Oil Seal 27x47x6mm1
Rear Brake Shield O-Ring078163O-Ring 57.0×2.0mm1
Rear Brake Shield O-Ring – Brake Pivot139433 (kit)O-Ring 20×2.5mm2
Rear Brake Shield O-Ring – Brake Cam139433 (kit) O-Ring 22×2.5mm1
Drive Shaft Bearing – Wheel Side00756320x47x14mm

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