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Resetting vCenter Administrator Password on vCenter 6.X Appliance


Sometimes you just can’t catch a break, for example after returning from a vacation and not remembering your password for the built-in Administrator account in the vsphere.local domain for vCenter. Changing it can be a bit round-about at times, so I decided to do a small guide since I had to figure it out myself recently.

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VMware Client Integration Plug-In not Working in Chrome? – Round 2

Now that Google has released version 45 of Chrome the NPAPI enable-trick that I showed you a couple of months ago has finally stopped working. The good news is that VMware has fixed the whole issue in vCenter 6.0 Update 1. So as long as you update, you’ll be fine. And if you want to continue using vCenter 6.0, they have released a new Client Integration Plugin (CIP) that works with vCenter 6.0.

But, the bad news is that the new CIP doesn’t fix compatibility with older versions of vCenter, for example 5.1 and 5.5, which I’d wager is still a sizable part of the VMware vSphere installations out there. There’s a fix promised coming within a short while, but since Google has been threatening with retiring NPAPI for 2 years now, I would not hold my breath for a quick resolution.

The best course of action at the moment is to switch browsers if you need the special features provided by the CIP, provided that you haven’t updated to vCenter 6.0 already. Keep in mind that the CIP also has some issues with Mozilla Firefox starting from version 39 onwards, but they can be fixed by flipping some flags.

VMware’s KB article on the Chrome v.45 issue with links to the new CIP for vCenter 6.0 users. 

VMware Client Integration Plug-In not Working in Chrome?

If you have experienced a problem with the vSphere Client Integration Plug-In not working even though it’s installed in Google Chrome, you’re not alone. Seems like Google decided to disable NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) from version 42 of Chrome onwards. The vSphere Client Integration Plug-In (henceforth known as the plug-in) utilizes the NPAPI to interact with Chrome, and Google is currently trying to phase out that particular API. The name should give you an idea of the age of that particular API (youngsters, go google Netscape and prepare to be amazed), and Google’s reasons for retiring it are quite understandable. VMware, on the other hand, are as usual quite tardy when it comes to supporting changes to Chrome, so it might be a while before we will see a new plug-in supporting a newer API.

Update: Chrome 45 has rolled around and removed NPAPI altogether, VMware has finally done something about it, see my latest post on the issue here.

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