Getting Audio Levels right in Adobe Premiere Pro CC for Youtube

This past week I had a gig to photograph some promotion shots for a local band here in Helsinki. Their gig was quite long, and I had to wait until the very end to do some arranged shots, so I had a lot of time to experiment. After taking all the shots I needed, it though it might as well take some video, since I had brought my new  tripod (Manfrotto BeFree, review coming up shortly).

Since I’m not that familiar with video editing and Youtube, if quickly ran into a problem, how loud should I make the audio in the video? After rummaging around on Google for a while, I found an excellent post on the subject by Kevin Muldoon. Long story short, you should normalize the peaks in the audio to -1 dBFS, and set background music at least 20 dB under overlaid speech.

Since this was quite useful information, and I had to rummage around a bit more on the InterTubes to find how to do this in Adobe Premiere, I thought I’d go full meta and post a Youtube video about it!

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