Movember Pro Tip – How to Handle Unruly Beard Growth

A lot of guys this month is probably either growing a mustache or a beard (depending if you’re enrolled in the program or otherwise just bad ass). I at least find that when exiting the shower, my beard is usually splayed out in every direction imaginable, which doesn’t look very fetching.
Now, you could handle that with some sort of hair styling product, but they are usually perfumed to the level of making you unconscious if you were to put that straight under your nose.
Then there’s specialist products like mustache wax, which are intended to get you those highly stylized french mustaches, but that isn’t really ideal either if you don’t want to look like a professional hipster gone Salvador Dali.
But, luckily there’s one thing that does help, and which doesn’t really give it away that you have done anything to make your beard look orderly. The answer is facial moisturizing cream, which not only is quite pleasant on your skin, but also unfrizzles your beard while not looking too pretentious.

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