Went out to buy Ilfotol, ended up with more.

Ilford on Kodak

Originally uploaded by sstorholm

Last Tuesday I went out to buy some Ilfotol since I couldn’t get a colorless washing liquid here in Helsinki.

When I came into the shop on the other side of town (http://www.telefoto.fi) I went into a shopping spree and bought the following;

Ilfotol (1 liter)
Ilfostop (500ml)
Rodinal (500ml)
Canon 9000F film scanner
3 rolls of 120 Ilford Delta 400 film.

All the stuff was actually stuff I needed, but I hadn’t actually planned on buying it all in one go. In hindsight though, I have to say that I can’t understand why I haven’t bought stop bath and washing aid before, the stop bath as increased the accuracy of my developing with Kodak HC-110 extremely, and the wash aid is a lot more effective than washing liquid, with this stuff you just wash the film and hang it to dry, no drying necessary.

The scanner is wonderful as well, I still can’t understand how they can sell this scanner at the price they do, it feels like I ripped somebody off (since when do you get 9600dpi scans for 230€ street price?)

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