Interesting New Work

It’s interesting to just lean back and watch what kind of curve balls life throws you. About a month ago, I was sitting in my office, minding my own business and idly configuring a couple of IP-based video cameras. Suddenly, one of the higher bosses marches through my office on his way to the board room, and throws the comment “Would you like to earn some money?” along with a figure that’s about what my current side work gives me in 4 months. I tell him “Why not?”, as I’m of persuasion that if you get a chance to earn more money, you take it if you aren’t already busy 24/7. The work was to complete a half-done steam boat, about 4½ meters in length. Now, I have worked one summer as a boat painter and fitter for a local craftsman that makes wooden motor boats, but this was still something that I didn’t feel to familiar with. The boat was done, and the machine was already fitted along with the propeller shaft and propeller. What it was missing was the complete boiler assembly, that means boiler, chimney, water pump, oiler and all the other small essential things like a rudder.

Now, the first problem was finding a boiler. As one might imagine, there aren’t many people building boilers for small steam boats anymore, as the business wasn’t even that big to begin with back in the days. But, luckily, since most people that deal with this sort of thing know each other really well, I just had to find one steam boat guy to get referred to a maker in Sweden that sells these types of boilers.

Currently, I’m working out the details with this guy, hopefully I can post pictures on this blog in a couple of months of the finished vessel and me grinning beside it.

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