The Unified RFID Theory

Yesterday, while sitting on the bus late for school, I had an epiphany.  It came to me as I was watching people use the RFID bus card system that’s in place on all public transport in the greater Helsinki area.

I personally, have at least two RFID tags on me at any point of my daily life. And with the increasing usage of RFID chips in just about anything, that number is probably going to grow quite fast. So, wouldn’t it be practical if all RFID readers communicated with the RFID tags in a standardized way. And wouldn’t it be even more practical if all more “non-sensitive” applications of RFID tags could be brought together in a unified tag. So instead of having one tag for every building/application/whatever, you could instead have a personal tag that you instead just register with the readers for a particular application. This would of course require that all tags use two way encryption, so that the application doesn’t register the ID of the tag.

This is of course limited to identification needs, it wouldn’t work for example with the bus cards, since the cards themselves contain the information about time and money that are charged to the card. But this personal tag would at least limit situations where on person has to carry a whole key ring full of RFID tags. And since one of the really great selling points of RFID chips is that you actually can use one tag for an unlimited amount of applications, it would be quite stupid to limit one chip to one particular application.

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