How to Crimp SMA Connectors to RG58 Cable

This time we’re talking about crimping SMA connectors to RG58 cable. The procedure is quite similar for most connectors and COAX cables.

The equipment I used is the following (not the exact items but similar)

A thing to note is that you need to match your connectors to your cable. In this example, I’m using male SMA connectors, which are designed to attach to RG58 cable. Another thing is that there are two types of connectors, crimp and solder. Crimp means that you can do what I did in the video, and terminate them with just the a set of pliers. Solder on the other hand means that the center pin has to be soldered. There are also two types of cable, solid and stranded center conductors. Stranded is more flexible, but harder to terminate.

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