Sous Vide Cooking Times Chart

I’ve been doing Sous Vide cooking for a couple of years, and every time I cook something, I go online searching for proper cooking times and temperatures.

Today, while cooking some lamb tenderloin for Easter, it dawned on me that I quite frequently look up the times and temperatures for cuts I’ve already cooked several times with good success, which is quite redundant and doesn’t give me consistent results. So, hereafter I’ll post the times in this blog post, giving me a place to maintain the information, and another good reference for the rest of the world.

I’d like to state that I don’t provide these times as any form of recommendation, aka. I’ll not vouch for that the times and temperatures given here are in any way, shape or form “safe” cooking times. I will however give you a reference to where I got the time from, and how I tweaked it to suit my application, so that you can look into the source and deem if the time provided there is “safe” for you. Also keep in mind that I’m working with Finnish ingredients, which are already quite safe, I for example have no problem with eating raw eggs in Finland, while I know a lot of Americans would not ever eat uncooked eggs in the US.


Thing Cut Time Temperature Source Comments
Lamb Tenderloin 3 hours 62 ℃ Source 1 Increased the temperature with 2℃ form original, 60℃ would probably have been better.


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