A bunch of apps from F-Secure that you really need to know about

Okay, so I spent a big chunk of my evening browsing posts at the F-Secure Labs blog, and I noticed that they have a lot of amazing apps and other cool stuff that I’ve never heard about. And even better, most of them are free! So here they are; the apps from F-Secure that you really need to know about in no particular order:

F-Secure App Permissions

F-Secure App Permissions

F-Secure App Permissions does exactly what it says on the box, it manages app permissions under Android. But what’s really great about it is that it does is in a clear-cut, no-bullshit manner; it doesn’t tell you that this and that app has access to some part of your phones messaging system, instead it tells you things like “Can cost me money” or “Can impact battery”. And best of all, it’s free!

younited by F-Secure

younited by F-Secure

younited by F-Secure is a cloud storage app, like Dropbox or Google Drive, but with a nice twist; it’s secure. F-Secure does the hosting, in Finland I might add, so you can be sure that you stuff stays secure, at the very least it will make your things a bit harder to get to for the NSA. The service boasts interoperability with Dropbox, Picasa, Twitter and Facebook, and even has built-in malware scanning. And best of all, you get 10 GB of free storage if you sign up before the end of 2013!

F-Secure Lokki

F-Secure Lokki

F-Secure Lokki is maybe a bit creepier then the others so far, at least when you start looking at it for the first time. I mean, they talk about tracking your kids, or checking what your wife is up to. But it’s more like Google Latitude, but for your closest friends and family. You basically add your family and friends to the app, and then you can check where they are in real time. You can specify places like “Home” or “Work” and get real-time updates about where they are. So far so good, a bit like Google Latitude, a bit like FourSquare, but what’s the difference?

Well, this is where Lokki really takes off, it has a heap of privacy settings. You can for example separate your friends and family into different groups, and customize what the different groups sees. It also has an undercover mode, which does what it says on the box, it stops sharing you GPS location. And best of all, again; it free!

F-Secure Safe Profile


This one I really like, it’s a privacy scanner for Facebook! In the video they start off by telling you to open up Internet Security, but you actually don’t need that, you can get to the tool by just going to the same webpage, https://safeprofile-tp.sp.f-secure.com/
What it then does is scan through your profile, and gives you a nice little “privacy score” along with helpful hints on what you could improve.


These the ones I found this time, but there are probably more of them out there. Also, if you don’t mind paying for your protection, the Internet Security and Mobile Security products are really nice as well. And no, I am not affiliated with F-Secure in any way, and I didn’t get anything for free for making this post (Hey, guys at F-Secure, send me a t-shirt at least!), I just happen to really like their products.

I’ve also not had a huge amount of time yet to play with all these apps, so keep watching for more posts with more in-depth info! And I know these are mostly for Android at the moment, I’ll check if I can find them for any other platforms and update accordingly.

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  1. Hi Sebastian! Thanks for blogging about us! Try this out too 🙂

  2. Nice stuff, I’ll add it to the article! Thanks! 🙂


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