Turkish Coffee – The Chemists Way – Experiment

I’m a tad crazy, and normally I like it, but sometimes I really need a new outlet just to stay on the right side of the line between crazy and insane.

Well, yesterday was such a day, so I made Turkish coffee in an Erlenmeyer flask. Let me explain what got me here;

2 and a half years ago while doing some casual surfing I found a guide on how to make Turkish coffee, but the problem was that I don’t own, nor can procure a Turkish ibrik, the copper pot which the coffee is made in. I got the idea that a Erlenmeyer has about the same shape, very heat resistant and, due to it’s normal use in a laboratory, quite excellent for heating stuff in. But I couldn’t find one in my town, and googling didn’t help much either. So I forgot about it, until a couple days ago.

The alignment of the stars or something equally weird must have been conspiring against me, since I got the idea from out of the blue, while visiting a chemists shop (drug store for you Americans), and I just couldn’t leave without asking them if they had Erlenmeyer flasks. Well, they didn’t, but they could order them, and cheaply as well (quite surprising, as these are quite expensive borosilicate ones).

Well, then I got my flasks yesterday, and I just had to try them for the (un)intended purpose. Worked out quite well, but I need to find a better method than just standing the flask on an electric stove plate. I think I have a Bunsen burner somewhere, and when I find it I will make a video of the process and upload it somewhere, because I think this method is superior to the Ibrik method, especially since it avoids the copper in the Ibrik, which could theoretically dissolve into the coffee due to the pH of coffee (probably not such a big danger, but still a possibility), and the damn flask is a lot easier to clean than any funky copper pot. =)

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