Hello world! (or maybe the blogo-sphere?)

Okay now, as WordPress was kind enough to select a topic geeky enough for me, I will stick with it and make this my first post.

If someone is fast enough to catch on to this blog this early (I assure you, it will be the next big thing), you will probably notice quite a lot of changes as I mess about with the layout and other stuff. I’m migrating (or more like spreading out) from BlogSpot, so it might take some time before I have everything pinned down exactly how I want it.

Now, I’m currently doing a thing called civilian service, which is an alternative to military service, which is mandatory in this somewhat backwards country I live in. Still, it isn’t so bad, for me this is mostly like a 12-month long IT gig with about a month “paid” vacation and the worst pay I’ve ever had in my life. =) But it does give me a quite good view over the inside workings of my local municipality’s IT-dept. And it gives me so much to write about that I have to start a blog about it… =)

Well, that’s about it for now, I have some more work to do, I’m co-building a multi-faced Drupal system for the schools here and there are still some things that need ironing out in our first prototype site. As that’s done I’m probably going to do a second post here, but it might take a while as 9 o’clock AM means coffee-break. đŸ˜€

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