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The World’s Longest Console Cable – Smartflex Router Series


As everybody knows, console cables and their corresponding interfaces are a scourge on a network administrators existence. They are always too short, COM-ports get renumbered, Baud-rates are unknown, etc. By their very nature, you also have to be physically present in the vicinity of the box you’re trying to configure. Today we’re going to change all that, by constructing a wireless console cable adaptor with almost infinite range.

I can almost here people shouting something about SSH and Telnet to their screens, as well as something about the Airconsole. First and foremost, telnet and SSH are both wonderful, after you’ve configured the device, but for initial setup, they sadly can’t be used. Airconsole is quite nice, and I use it almost daily, but it’s useful when you want to sit somewhere comfortable when configuring a device in the same room as you, not so much when you want to be comfortable on a beach half a world away from the offending device.

This we’re going to change today, with one device, the B+B SmartFlex router.

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4G finally available in the iPad 4 and Mini, in Finland

According to the latest iOS update from Apple, version 6.1, expanded LTE support is one of the many new features. While this doesn’t probably sound very amazing for the American readers, here in Finland for example we’ve had almost every bigger city covered by 4G for over a year now, but sadly all Apple devices have been incompatible with the carrier frequency used here in Europe.

According to Apples LTE site, iPad 4 and Mini users should get support for 4G from all the three major carriers here in Finland just by upgrading. Sadly, iPad 3 users are still stuck with 3G, but that’s no great surprise, since fixing missing carrier frequency support isn’t something that you’d easily fix with a software patch.